Kaua`i Cultural & Historical Information

Learn more about Kauai’s history and Hawaiian culture from our cultural expert and general manager, Ron.  Ron has an extensive collection of over 100 Hawaiian artifacts.  Inquire at the front desk for “Talk Story” times.  Get a free memento (while supplies last)

Did you know?

  • Kauai is the oldest of the inhabited Hawaiian Islands?
  • The first Polynesians landed on the East shores of Kauai between 200 – 400 AD from the Island of Marquessa in French Polynesia
  • This journey was 2,500 miles in open ocean in 44′ outrigger canoes.  They navigated using the stars and today are recognized as the greatest wayfarers in the world.
  • Kauai was never conquered by Kamehameha the Great, who physically conquered all the other Islands by 1820.
  • Mount Waialeale is one of the wettest spots on earth with 450 inches of rainfall.

What our guests say about Ron’s cultural presentation:

“Like a museum with Hawaiian artifacts.”
“Very passionate about Hawaiian history and a great presenter.”
“Left with a true appreciation for the Islands.”
“Incredible experience.”
“Treasure trove of Hawaiian history and culture.  Show us what true aloha means!”



Experience a free cultural and historical presentation of Kaua'i with General Manager Ron during your stay at the Kauai Palms Hotel.  Plus receive a free memento (while supplies last).